Integrated Security Solutions
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Products and Technologies
Mobile Communication System
“Unicom-1” mobile communication system is intended for control of border guards patrol duties
Face Recognition Technology
Face recognition technology developed by Divisus allows creation of automated access points at sensitive and military infrastructures and search for wanted persons for security forces and agencies.
Long-Range Video Surveillance System
“Divisus Observer” standalone long-range video surveillance and thermal imaging system is intended for protection and surveillance of state boarders, big open spaces and remote sites.
On April 12, 1961 the whole world was astonished with the news opening a new era in the history of space exploration. On this day a Soviet cosmonaut Yury Gagarin circled the Earth aboard the Vostok spacecraft. This history-making event paved the way for space exploration, thousands of satellites have been launched since that time, there are space modules landing on other planets and asteroids...
Published: 12.04.2016
On 29-30 January 2016 “Divisus” learning center hosted a round table on the Experience in Detection of Traffic Law Violations. 56 market experts from over 20 cities throughout Russia and CIS attended the event. The scope of discussion was wide and included road safety and application of traffic enforcement systems and city police and administration awareness. The experts have highlighted the fol...
Published: 05.02.2016

Site Security

Integrated security systems are widely used to ensure safety of military and civil sides. Infrastructure of modern security systems can include video surveillance, access control, burglar alarms and many more subsystems centrally monitored and managed. Divisus offers scalable, user-friendly system with virtually unlimited flexibility and customization options. We provide custom-tailored and technologically advanced security systems based on your company’s specific needs.

Divisus applies cutting edge technologies implemented in our software and hardware to provide advanced security analytics to identify threats and manage risk.

Divisus has developed Divisus Complex Integrated Security System to deliver better security for most sensitive sites. It is widely used at facilities of our major clients: Federal Security Service, Border Security Force, Federal State Reserve Agency, Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Response, major industrial companies. Divisus Complex secures hundreds of sites in Russia and abroad.

«Divisus Complex™» includes following subsystems:

  • Data Collection and Processing System
  • Video Surveillance Syste
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection Sysytem
  • Fire and Burglar Alarm
  • Access Management and Control System
  • Public Address System
  • Security Sensors
  • Additional Equipment

All subsystems use common information space thus events in one system trigger certain actions in another subsystem. The system can switch floodlights, block gates and intiate alert to security personnel on movement detection by CCTV camera. Software provides flexible adjustment of automation algorithms. Multi-layer maps allows to dynamically navigate throughout facilities and intuitively manage cameras, intrusion devices, and other security systems.

All system elements from autonomous controllers to servers have improved back-up functions to increase reliability of the whole system.

Hardware and software are manufactured under one roof and ensure smooth integration, high reliability and efficiency of the whole system without compromising security.

All data exchange is performed only within local network with Ethernet loops at all levels. Divisus Complex supports configurations ranging from a single standalone system to multi-site large-scale enterprise applications.