Integrated Security Solutions
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Company "Divisus" informs on the beginning of manufacture and sales of controlers of a new series CVD-430


The CVD-430 controler allows to transfer notices from perimeter security detectors installed on a big length perimeters, providing control of working capacity and power supply of the connected security detectors. The maximum distance between CVD-430 controlers is up to 1,2 km. Thanks to connection possibility in one network up to 64 controlers, notices transfer can be carried out on a distance up to 75 km.

The CVD-430 controler allows to connect up to 8 security detectors with recognition of a signal type (normal, warning, alarm, disconnect, etc.), a security detector with RS-232 interface and 7 security detectors with RS-485 interface.

Having added the controler of a similar type in a range of company "Divisus" products has helped to find a solution for construction of perimeter security systems on big length perimeters via RS-485 interface. That had helped to make it more accessible, in comparison with the previous analogs transferring notices via Ethernet network.