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Leading industry experts discussed THE ROLE OF TRAFFIC LAW ENFORCEMENT


On 29-30 January 2016 “Divisus” learning center hosted a round table on the Experience in Detection of Traffic Law Violations. 56 market experts from over 20 cities throughout Russia and CIS attended the event. The scope of discussion was wide and included road safety and application of traffic enforcement systems and city police and administration awareness.

The experts have highlighted the following challenges:

  • There is no any systematic “Safe City” approach in many regions. It is necessary to consider latest traffic law violations detection and registration systems as well as automatic traffic management systems at early planning stage.
  • Engagement of private investors encourages general promotion of “Safe City” concept.
  • Centre for Automated Recording of Traffic Offences structure and staffing does not always correspond with the tasks in hand. This makes it impossible to complete processing and addressing the case work to traffic violators and consider appeals within the statutory deadline.
  • Maintenance costs for such systems cannot be improved due to the lack of attention to such measures.

The delegates have also discussed the traffic ticket issue procedure concerning violations with camera evidence, cameras mounting and traffic ticket appealing practice.

Round table also addressed such promising directions in traffic enforcement development as:

  • Registration of double solid line violations;
  • Seat belts;
  • Turned off daylight running lights;
  • Absence of MTPL insurance;
  • Using cell phone while driving;
  • Aggressive driving;
  • Entering busy intersections;
  • Violation of the safety distances etc.

On the outcome it was decided to hold this round table as a regular event.

Results of the round table will be analyzed and expressed suggestions and initiatives of traffic enforcement systems will be applied for future “Safe City” projects.