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A new controller for Auto Patrol Systems


Specialists from STILSOFT Group of Companies have finished a development of a new CVD – 415K Controller, which is designed to be used in Auto Patrol Automatic Traffic Violence Registration System.

The basic function of the controller is a temperature measurement and control for heating element as well as cooling fan to support an optimal microclimate inside the Auto Patrol housing in auto mode. In addition, the device provides a link with high level software (e.g. Divisus Red Light software, designed by STILSOFT) via RS-485 interface, transmitting the current temperature values.

One of the controller characteristics is an opportunity to scan optoisolator inputs for status control of 6 traffic lights (via Traffic Light Control Block) and temper sensor. Designers also provided an opportunity to control 4 relay outputs for connection of floodlights and other equipment.

CVD – 415K is a cross functional device, which can improve the performance of Auto Patrol Automatic Traffic Violence Registration System in the most extreme climate conditions.