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STILSOFT GC participated in Army 2018 Expo


27 August in Kubinka, near Moscow, ended Army 2018, the International Military Technology Forum. Traditionally this large review of advanced developments of the defense industry gathered the leading Russian and foreign specialists and provided a popular ground for discussion of issues about partnership strengthening between defense departments of different states.

STILSOFT GC was one of the Army 2018 exhibitors. The company booth was dedicated to the most advanced and innovative technologies in site integrated security systems and accessions areas. Visitors paid a great attention to the following products.

Divisus Site Integrated Security System

Divisus System is a site integrated security and control system. The system has an open architecture allowing to build global distributed security systems of any scale. The system allows to connect video surveillance systems, access monitoring and control systems, burglar and fire alarm systems, perimeter protection systems as well as notification systems. The system provides flexible network opportunities and can be easy expanded. The system allows to build an individual interface providing solutions for any security tasks.  


Arrow UAV Detection and Electronic Warfare System

The system provides an UAV detection in radar monitoring zone and controlling signals electronic warfare. The system allows to solve the following tasks:

  • UAV detection;
  • UAV tracking through radar data in auto mode;
  • UAV tracking through electro optics module in auto and manual modes;
  • UAV electronic warfare through direct jamming of controlling and information communication channels;

The system is equipped with visible and infrared range electro optics module for 24/7 operation.


CVD – 177 Radar

The radar provides surveillance over open ground, areal and maritime areas. Allows to display target trajectory and distance to different moving objects such as human, vehicle, aircraft, boat etc.

The radar supports especial radio channel processing algorithms providing accurate data about observed objects in any weather conditions.

The radar can be integrated into portable radar station, stationary or transportable radar system or as an expansion set for systems designed by STILSOFT. By using as a part of systems, the long-range and thermal camera target auto tracking can be implemented via radar data.



Observer Autonomous Technical Monitoring Station

The system provides security and intellectual surveillance over large open areas and state borders. The system provides 24/7 visual control of ground and maritime areas, detecting static and moving targets of different types at a distance up to 10 km. The system allows to display and store video information and alert events in real time at a post station, located over a distance up to 40 km from the place of deployment of the linear station.


AKILA Autonomous Facial Recognition System

The system is intended to identify a person through face recognition with a portable or fixed camera video stream and transmit an alert signal if the person is identified as a fugitive.

Structurally AKILA is a portable system and has several variants of mounting and deployment (hanger, tripod, clamp, user working place etc.).

The system provides a stream facial recognition (one to many) in Online mode and recognizes person face in a motion. The system also provides facial recognition even by essential interfering factors such as beard, moustache, hat, age difference.

AKILA is integrated with different peripheral devices: system integrated portable video cameras, fixed cameras, any other cameras (e.g. cameras, which Safe City system is equipped with), long-focus lens photo cameras, smartphones.  

The system is provided with autonomous power supply and operates without charging more than 8 hours, it also can be connected to fixed facilities, vehicle onboard power supply or external battery units.


Albatross – P UAV Deployment and Charging Launch Box

Albatross – P UAV system consists of UAV and autonomous launch box. The UAV provides security, operational surveillance and distant object observing, site perimeter patrol to detect intruders in inhibited access and night environment.

The launch box is designed for UAV deployment, take-off, landing and charging as well as telemetry and video data transmitting between UAV and operator AWS. The system provides an automatic UAV start by perimeter sensor alarm.  


Throne Secured Video Conference Communication System

Throne system provides a video conference communication between several similar information processing and transmitting blocks. The system is intended for quick and secured confidential information exchange in Online mode, using accredited equipment. Standard protocols of SIP-TEL and conference communication allow to use terminals in available systems.  

Apart from the products mentioned above, the line of other STILSOFT GC security products was demonstrated.

During the expo visitors from 15 foreign delegations visited company’s booth including such countries as Denmark, India, Chana, Serbia, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh and others.

Provisional arrangements for partnership with several Russian and foreign companies were achieved.

STILSOFT GC booth at ARMY 2018 International Military Technology Forum was a stage for active discussions about perspectives of modern security systems engagement at the sites among representatives from different companies, ministries and agencies.