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CVD-484 Personality Identification Post


The most important aspect of development of adequate security level for civilians in modern urban environment is a requirement in complex approach.    Such approach offers to use integrated technologies, universal standards of data transmitting and storage, providing an access to information for different security agencies and economic patterns of the city. 

STILSOFT GC in order to implement such a complex approach under the conception of Safety City, has designed a number of innovative products and technical solutions. In addition to the product range engineers from STILSOFT proceeded to the development of CVD-484 Personality Identification Post for using it as a part of Safety City hardware and software system.

Personality Identification Post is a component of a facial recognition system and is used to catch face images of a person and transmit it from integrated video cameras to the server.

The device is planned to be designed in anti-vandal housing made of stainless steel with a flange for easy mounting on the surface. All connections to the post will be implemented as high removal connections.

STILSOFT GC hopes that our technical solutions will be applied in counter-terrorist activities as well as organized crime, illegal traffic of illicit drugs and other threats countermeasure innate to the modern city.