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STILSOFT Took Part in Interpolitex-2018


The 23th International Homeland Security Exhibition “Interpolitex 2019” was held in Moscow in the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre VDNH, Pavilion 75 from 22 to 25 October 2019.This prestigious forum traditionally attracts attention of the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of special technical equipment and armaments for law enforcement bodies and special units whose tasks are directly connected with ensuring of national security.

STILSOFT Group was among the exhibitors with a both presenting latest technologies in integrated site security. 

Products and systems  most welcomed by visitors included:

Divisus Integrated Security System.

«Divisus Integrated Security System» – is an integrated site security and control system. It has open architecture allowing to create global, distributed security systems of any scale. Allows connection of video surveillance system, access control, burglar and alarm, perimeter intrusion detection and public addressing subsystems. It has wide network features and easily scalable. It is possible to create individual system interface to solve any security tasks in hand.

«Arrow» UAV Detection and Surpression System

It is designed to detect UAVs with radar filed of view and wirelessly suppress  communication links. Ensures the following: 

- UAV detection;

- Automatic UAV tracking according to the radar data;

- Automatic and manual UAV tracking by optical-electronic module;

- Suppress UAV by directed jamming of control and data communication links.

The system is equipped with optical-electronic module operating in visual and infrared ranges round-the clock.

CVD-177 Radio Location and Ranging Station

CVD-177 is intended for radio location and ranging purposes, target recognition and tracking on land or water areas (human, group, vehicle) enabling to display their trajectories and distance. Incorporated in a sealed housing.

CVD-177 applies unique radio signal processing algorithms to acquire accurate data about monitored target in any weather conditions.

CVD-177 can be applied as a part of portable radar station, fixed or portable radar system or as an extension set for STILSFOT Systems. Long-range and thermal-imaging cameras can automatically cue to targets communicated by CVD-177.

Observer Standalone Surveillance System

OBSERVER Standalone Surveillance System is intended for protection and surveillance of state boarders, big open spaces and remote sites.

The system enforces 24/7 surveillance of land and water areas, detects different fixed and moving targets from 10 km away.

It provides real-time display and back-up of video data and alarm events at the monitoring center that can be located up to 30 km away from inline security post.

«Scorpio» Off-Road Vehicle-Based Standalone Portable Video Surveillance and Thermal Imaging System  

«Scorpio» off-road vehicle-based standalone portable video surveillance and thermal imaging system is intended to monitor large areas, remote sites and applied as fast-deployed security system.  

The system is carried by a Sobol light-duty van and can be operated in manual and scanning modes.

The system automatically scans preset positions, finds and tracks targets by PTZ video and thermal imaging cameras.

Centaur Standalone Mobile Video Surveillance and Thermal Imaging System

Centaur is intended for video and thermal surveillance for perimeter security, monitoring of remote sites and important locations.

Easily deployable system, continuous unmanned operation.

High portability is provided by fast-assembled parts of the system.

Akila Autonomous Facial Recognition Rapid Deployment System

AKILA Autonomous Facial Recognition Rapid Deployment System is intended for real-time facial recognition and identification by video streams received from portable or fixed cameras and generating alarm in case of positive match.

AKILA is a portable fast deployment kit with various mounting options (bracket, tripod, clamp, operator workstation etc.).

AKILA provides OnLine facial recognition (one to many) from video streams and can recognize faces of people on the move. It provides high recognition accuracy despite such noises as beard, hat, age difference.

AKILA supports integrated operation with various subsystems: AKLA portable and fixed cameras, any other cameras eg. Safe City surveillance cameras, smartphones.

AKILA system is fitted with standalone power supply keeping it operational for 8 hours continuously. It can be also powered from the grid, vehicle network or an external battery.

Albatross-P Launching Box

Albatross-P system includes UAV and standalone launching box. The UAV is designed to protect and monitor remote sites, patrol site perimeter and remote locations, detect intruders at day and night.

The launching box is intended to keep and charge the UAV and transmit telemetry data between UAV and operator workstation. The system allows for automatic UAV launch at perimeter sensor alert.

Throne Secured Video Conference System

Throne system enables to organize video conference communication between several similar data processing and communication units. It is intended for fast and secured OnLine exchange of sensitive information while utilizing trusted equipment. The terminals can be applied in existing systems due to standard SIP-telephony and conference call protocols.

CVD-730 Document Reader

 Russian-made document reader scans and recognizes documents for government and commercial applications. CVD-730 provides for document classification, visual zone and OCR data capture.

In addition to the systems mentioned above, STILSOFT Group presented a range of products designed to create site security system.

STILSOFT booth was attended by 8 foreign delegations representing China, Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Algeria, Congo, Sudan,

STILSOFT team reached preliminary agreements on further cooperation with several Russian and foreign manufacturers.