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In the context of activities to conduct an additional training for engineering service specialists of branches of the Federal State Institution (FSI) «Engineering Service and Communication Senior Center (ES & CSC)» of the Federal Penal Correction Service (FPCS) of Russia and local agencies of  FPCS of Russia in the matter of mounting, configuration and operation of security and surveillance techni...
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A range of STILSOFT products has passed certification for information security requirements with the Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Defence examined the following products: A set of data collection system from Synerget 1SV Integrated security system correspondence with 1G class covering data protection from unauthorized access; Synerget 1SV special software correspondence with level fou...
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STILSOFT experts have finished development of DVS-857A 12MP camera. DVS-857A will be used as a part of Fenix traffic-enforcement system. DVS-857A can replace several cameras with low resolution. It incorporates high quality lens and SONY sensor for reliable detection of traffic violations on multi-lane intersections with busy traffic. Fenix, brand new system registering traffic violations with i...
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On 4 September 2018 the Interdepartmental Commission registered O1 lettering for Standalone Mobile Surveillance System, which is intended for video, thermal and radar surveillance for perimeter security, monitoring of remote sites and important locations and approaches. It means that Stilsoft team has corrected design documents according to the results of acceptance tests of a prototype (pilot lot...
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Stilsoft experts initiated development of new BA150 audio amplifier. It will be intended to generate automatic emergency announcement systems and broadcast music our voice announcements. BA150 Audio amplifier will be incorporated in stainless steel sealed housing for outdoor applications and temperatures from  – 50 °С up to + 50 ° С. The unit will be installed on metal or concrete masts and poles...
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STILSOFT experts have developed new video processing algorithms utilizing 16-bit vector mathematics of Nvidia Tegra processors. This technology opens up wide prospects for creation of new video analytics systems applying build-in low power vector graphics processors. Calculations predict possibility to process video data up to 300 Mpix per second with total consumption below 50 W. There software...
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Engineers from STILSOFT GC have modernized video processing program algorithms for traffic violation registration specifically in giving priority for pedestrians on zebra crosswalk. Updated algorithm includes a program tool set, which decrease false signal level generated by system, allowing sufficiently improve the whole system operability and enhance security for traffic in pedestrian crosswalk...
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